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Marketing Unplugged

Apr 27, 2023

Adam Schoenfeld is a serial entrepreneur who has founded four companies, including his latest ventures, and PeerSignal, both of which are disrupting the marketing and sales space. In this episode, we'll dive into Adam's insights on marketing's crucial role in early-stage startups, such as the initial marketing functions to prioritize and the traits that make for great hires. We'll also explore Adam's experience as a board member during the acquisition of Bizible by Marketo, discuss the significance of community-led growth and how PeerSignal's community-first approach has been successful in the first two years.


Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Adam shares when he was inspired to become an entrepreneur.

[4:00] What habits does Adam take away from being an NCAA athlete that has benefited him throughout his career? 

[9:05] What is the role of marketing in the beginning stages of a company? Who should you hire first?

[14:50] Adam shares his learnings on how to scale a company based on his experience as a board member. 

[18:45] What should marketing focus on when it comes to building value before an acquisition? 

[24:20] With KeyPlay being Adam’s 4th startup, he shares whether this company launch was easier compared to his previous start-ups.

[32:30] Adam explains why he's optimistic about the future of startup and growth-stage SaaS companies.

[38:40] Adam shares why 2023 is going to be a very good year for PLG companies.

[43:25] What advice would Adam give aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of creating their own companies? 

[47:20] What has Adam learned about himself as an entrepreneur? 

[49:10] Adam answers rapid fire questions.  


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