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Marketing Unplugged

Dec 2, 2019

Jay Baer is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and the Founder of Convince & Convert. Jay has advised companies like Nike, The United Nations, Caterpillar, and 36 companies out of the Fortune 500. Jay is also the host of three podcasts: Standing Ovation, Social Pros, and Talk Triggers. In today’s episode, Jay discusses how he is able to find patterns in the market, how B2B organizations can excel in their customer experience, and why most marketers don’t really know who their buyers are.


Key Takeaways:

[2:35] Why did Jay decide to get a political science degree?

[6:50] Jay has a unique way of dressing, writing, and seeing the world. How did Jay discover his uniqueness?

[11:05] How does Jay know when it’s time to write a book or article about a certain topic?

[14:25] Jay likes to rely on mentors and teachers to help guide him/refine him on a topic that will resonate with audiences.

[17:35] Jay grew up with teachers in his household. His mom was an English teacher and Jay shares how that helped him in his current career.

[24:45] What type of business challenges is Jay running into right now?

[27:25] What are two-to-three things B2B organizations need to get right when it comes to the customer experience?

[31:55] Marketing doesn’t actually know their customers as well as they think they do. They don’t actually interact with their customers.

[38:25] How should we use chatbots or voice to engage our customers?

[42:45] Jay wishes the phone didn’t exist. 90% of calls he gets are spam.

[44:20] Where does Jay see content marketing going in the future?

[49:40] Was Jay a confident teenager?

[54:30] Jay was always around entrepreneurship, but no one really gave him the ‘entrepreneurship talk.’ It was just sort of assumed he’d become one.


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