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Marketing Unplugged

Apr 11, 2023

Scott Rabschnuk, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, has an extensive background in healthcare marketing. Scott spent the better part of his career agency-side as an Executive at Hill Holiday, where he led the healthcare practice. In this episode, Scott shares his wealth of knowledge and provides practical advice for marketing professionals navigating the healthcare industry.


Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Scott shares how his BA in English has benefited his career in marketing.

[4:40] Scott worked with Hill Holiday for 17 years and shares what he misses most working agency-side.

[7:00] Scott reveals how he ended up in healthcare marketing.

[12:10] Scott explains the challenges he experienced transitioning from the technology sector into healthcare.

[14:15] Why did Scott move back to the client side?

[17:35] Scott shares his experience of joining a new company after almost two decades and highlights the importance of learning the organization’s rhythms, people, and culture as part of the onboarding process.

[21:40] How does Scott structure and connect with his team now that everyone is working remotely?

[25:00] What are some of Scott’s biggest challenges as a marketing executive in the healthcare industry?

[31:30] Scott discusses BCBS of Massachusetts’s comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship rooted in health justice.

[40:10] Why did Scott feel compelled to write an article about the Peloton, which at the time was having backlash for a poor-taste ad?

[45:00] What advice does Scott have for the next generation of marketers?

[48:10] Scott answers rapid-fire questions.


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