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Marketing Unplugged

Feb 19, 2020

Tyler Lessard is the VP of Marketing at Vidyard, a leading provider of video marketing and video selling solutions for businesses. He is a storyteller that is dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences. Prior to Vidyard, he led the Global Alliances and Business Development department at Blackberry. Tyler shares how he sees video marketing evolving over the upcoming years, how marketers can leverage and think about B2B storytelling in a much better way, and what personalized content really looks like from a bird’s eye view.


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Marketo named Tyler as one of the 50 Fearless Marketers in 2019. What does it mean to be a Fearless Marketer?

[3:30] Marketing has become a victim of its own success. We are bombarded with so many messages!

[6:00] Instead of focusing on the B2B, focus on the human-to-human interaction.

[7:25] Our content has to be hyper-empathic to our audience.

[14:50] Where does Tyler see video marketing going in the next five years?

[19:45] How can marketers get the personalization aspect right?

[24:10] When marketers think of ‘B2B Storytelling,’ they automatically go into customer stories but marketers can dive deeper into that.

[30:15] Tyler spent 10 years at BlackBerry; what lessons did Tyler learn about the longevity of a product and the quick changes in consumer demands?

[33:25] Vidyard makes employee experience a priority to help retain their top talent across the country.

[37:00] Employees today are looking to be part of the organization as well as be empowered to make changes and grow. They can’t do that if they don’t have the same information as the executive team.

[41:45] As a parent, how does Tyler teach an open mindset, continuous learning, and embracing tough challenges to his children?

[45:40] What’s the most Canadian thing about Tyler?

[48:15] Tyler’s legacy


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